Visit These Breakfast Spots near Me Gulfport MS

Breakfast near Gulfport MS

Most of us have been told since childhood that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. These delightful breakfast spots near Gulfport, MS, show that it can also be the most enjoyable! Take a look at Fill-Up with Billups, McElroy’s Harbor House, and Renée’s Fine Desserts and Coffee Bar to discover what each restaurant brings to the table.

Fill-Up with Billups

Fill Up with Bullups Day Starter

If you enjoy fresh ingredients direct from local farms, Fill-Up with Billups might just be what you’ve been looking for to jump-start your day. Whether it’s an early morning or a late night, you’ll find a wide variety of breakfast favorites as well as plenty of new discoveries. Here are some of the appealing dishes for you to explore:

  • Fill Up with Bullups. This day starter consists of three eggs, your choice of thick-cut bacon or a sausage patty, as well as your pick between grit girl grits and a high haystack of hash browns. It’s all topped off with a Belgian waffle served with Fill-Up with Billups’ house rum praline syrup.
  • Hangover Part III. With this crowd-pleaser, you get two sausage patties over a split cathead biscuit. It also comes with your choice of two eggs or fresh chicken fried steak and grit girl grits. With both options, you get a hardy side of country gravy.
  • Cinnamon Roll Waffle. Cinnamon roll? Belgian waffle? You don’t have to decide. Fill-Up with Billups’ Cinnamon Roll Waffle is the best of both worlds. This decadent creation is made up of cinnamon roll filling molded into a warm house Belgian waffle and slathered with a cream cheese frosting.

Jump onto Fill-Up with Billups’Facebook page to see mouthwatering images of their signature comfort food.

McElroy’s Harbor House

At McElroy’s Harbor House, sweet and savory breakfast options are served all day long. Below is a sampling of what you’ll find:

  • Shrimp & Cheese Omelet. An omelet stuffed with seasoned, boiled shrimp and cheese, this savory Southern treat comes with toast, a biscuit, and grits or a hash brown.
  • Meat Lovers Omelet. This fan-favorite is stuffed with sausage, ham, bacon, and cheese.
  • Hot Cake Plate. The classics: two eggs, two strips of crispy bacon or sausage, and two small cakes.

Renée’s Fine Desserts and Coffee Bar

Renée's Fine Desserts and Coffee Bar Tour de France

With generations of tradition under its belt, Renée’s Fine Desserts and Coffee Bar is a morning hot spot you’ll return to again and again. Treat yourself to the following indulgent French-styled cuisine:

  • Citron-Brandy Crêpe de Renée. Transport your senses to the Left Bank as you enjoy a classic French breakfast made up of a large French crêpe stuffed with la crme de citron and topped with a citron brandy sauce and fresh framboises.
  • Tour de France. This traditional delicacy consists of French bread, butter, and specialty origin coffee. For an authentic feel, try dipping your bread into the coffee.
  • Renée’s Bananas Foster Waffles. These hot Belgian waffles are served with rum-flambéed bananas and topped with specialty ice cream.

Go to Facebook to get a sense of the international atmosphere you’ll encounter at Renée’s Fine Desserts and Coffee Bar.

Explore These Breakfast Spots Today

If breakfast is the most important part of your day or you simply appreciate a well-made omelet, stop by each of these breakfast spots near Gulfport, MS, to get your mornings off to a fresh start.