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When you’re looking to make the purchase of a new car, you want to be as prepared as possible. To help Gulfport, Pascagoula, and Waveland drivers, our finance team at Pat Peck Nissan has compiled this finance FAQ to be your guide to car ownership.

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Can You Lease a Used Car?

How Do I Lease a Car?

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Buying vs Leasing

What are Buy Here Pay Here Loans?

Should I Buy or Lease?

Every driver looking for a new car will most likely be faced with the question as to whether they should buy or lease. This is a major decision since it affects the way you can technically drive your car. Buying is the standard path to vehicle ownership and it usually means breaking up a car payment into smaller monthly payments using an auto loan.

Leasing, on the other hand, has you only paying for a few years of driving the car; however, the dealership still owns the car. In this case, you’ll pay monthly for the few years you’ll drive the vehicle. Then, you return it when the lease ends. Due to this, you get low monthly fees, but you also have to take greater care for the car and keep its mileage low.

Leasing is a good option for drivers who commute to work and want the latest cars. However, buying is a better option for drivers who travel a lot and need the extra miles.

What Do I Need to Bring to the Dealership?

It depends on what you intend to do at the dealership. If you’re looking to test drive, always bring your driver’s license. If you’re at the dealership to buy, it’s best to bring your proof of insurance, driver’s license, and the title to your current car if you plan to do a trade.

How Long Does Buying a Car Take?

The length of buying a car varies depending on how prepared you are. On average, you can expect around two hours at the dealership. This can change, though, if you have everything in order when you walk through the doors. You can spend less time in the dealership by getting pre-approved for financing before you arrive.

If I Need a Cosigner, What Should I Do?

If you need some help getting an auto loan, a cosigner can be a huge help. A cosigner is a person with a high credit score who agrees to pay your debt if you default on your loan. If you need a cosigner, you’ll want to get into contact with people who you know who may have a good credit standing.

Speak to your possible cosigner and come to an agreement. After all, cosigning brings with it a lot of responsibility, so speak to someone you know and trust.

When Is My First Payment Due?

Your first car payment is likely to be due about a month after you take out your loan on the day of purchase. To be sure there’s no confusion, it’s best to discuss the first due date with your finance team member when you buy your car.

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