Time to Tumble into Lanier’s Gymnastics


If you and your child have been trying to discover their next hobby, look no further than Lanier’s Gymnastics. Headed by Cindy Lanier who has been performing gymnastics since the age of seven and teaching since 1985, she provides well-rounded instruction and loves being a role model for all of her students.

Classes Available for All Levels

No matter what your children’s age is or their fitness level, there is a class perfect for them at Lanier’s Gymnastics. To get them started as early as possible, enroll in the Parent Tot Gymnastics which begins at sixteen months. This provides a great bonding experience, as well as a jump start into this field.

Preschool Gymnastics is also available for children aged three to four, as well as Developmental Gymnastics beginning at four years. These provide the basic skills needed for events, uneven bars, beam, floor, and vault.

Tumbling classes for ages six to eighteen focuses solely on the floor skills needed for dance and cheer, allowing your child to expand in other areas outside of the facility, as well. Finally, there is a girls-only competitive team course to prepare them for the big times. Which is perfect for you and your family?

Progress Around Every Corner


Not only will your children enjoy the magic that gymnastics will bring them, they will learn useful skills that are sure to help them in growing and in life. Additionally, but they will also gain a sense of confidence and achievement, since Lanier’s Gymnastics is known for having some pretty impressive results in meets and challenges.

In fact, current and previous students have been ranked high nationally, as well as gained many medals and scored high in regional competitions and championships. So, you can rest easy knowing the skills they learn here will take your kiddos to new heights.

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To see which class will best fit your child, reach out to Lanier’s Gymnastics today. They will be able to see where your children will most succeed and have the most fun doing using their expertise. They even offer trial classes, as well as a combination of courses! No matter what your family chooses, we know everyone will have a great time at this facility.