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Why Is My Car AC Blowing Hot Air?

Why is My Car AC Blowing Hot Air?

On a sweltering hot day Gulfport, Pascagoula, or Waveland, you depend on your AC more than ever. So, when you hop in your car and find your car AC blowing hot air instead of cold, you may find yourself in extreme need of relief.

Our team at Pat Peck Nissan is here to help you understand why this problem may be happening, so you can find a workable solution that brings the cold air on again. The most common reasons this could be happening is due to the following:

  • Worn-out Compressor
  • Refrigerant Leaks
  • Electrical Problems

If you have any questions or need to consult with a service expert,feel free to reach out to us!

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Checked that Compressor Lately?

One reason your car AC isn't working as it should could be a worn-out compressor. The compressor is vital to your car's air conditioning system, as it circulates refrigerant in a way to help remove heat from the car cabin. Like your brake pads, oil filter, or many other car parts, the compressor can wear out over time.

You can prolong the life of your compressor by using it for at least 10 minutes per month. In that hot and sunny Florida climate, that shouldn't be a problem! Just be sure to crank up the AC from time to time, and your compressor will get the exercise it needs to stay active. When you need a new one, schedule service ASAP.

Watch Out for Refrigerant Leaks

The telltale sign of leaking fluids, like engine oil or antifreeze, is a suspicious puddle on the garage floor or driveway beneath your car. Unfortunately, you can't rely on that to spot refrigerant leaks, as this fluid will evaporate instantly into a gas once it's escaped the pressure of your AC system.

To find this problem, the best bet is to bring your car to your local service center and have a certified and trained technician inspect your systems. They can spot much less obvious signs of leaking fluid, including the oily residue that might collect on or near AC hoses or connections. If there's a leak, they'll find it!

The Big Killer: Electrical Problems

Issues with the electrical system are an incredibly common cause of AC failure. The reality is, your vehicle's AC system relies on an intricate network of wires, fuses, relays, and pressure switches to keep you and all your passengers cool. If just one of those components fails due to age or a defect, the whole system may shut down.

Locating the exact source of the issue can be difficult, which is why you should have a trained professional examine the wiring. With the latest in computerized testing equipment and their own stores of experience and knowledge, they can isolate and fix any electrical problem quickly and accurately.

AC Repair near Me

Driving around in the heat of Gulfport, Pascagoula, or Waveland without AC is never fun, but you can have the problem fixed promptly when you schedule AC repair near you at the Pat Peck Nissan Service Center.

Our team will use the latest in diagnostic equipment to locate the problem. No matter why your car AC is blowing hot air, we'll apply an effective solution that'll have your cabin feeling much more comfortable!