How to Read Tire Size


Are you quickly approaching the time when you’re going to need your tires replaced? If so, you’ve probably started calling around the Gulfport, Pascagoula, and Waveland areas trying to get an accurate price for replacement. However, each shop keeps asking you the tire size and you’re not really sure how to read it off the side of your tire, much less what it means.

Have no fear, at Pat Peck Nissan, we want to help you decipher the language of tires. After reading through this handy guide, you’ll be speaking tire size in no time!

By the Numbers

Tire size

The first thing you’ll notice on your tire is a letter, which is usually a P and means the tire is made to the U.S. standards for passenger vehicle. You may also see an LT, which is made for smaller trucks and requires a different level of inflation, but the P-Metric is the most common. After the P, there will be a 3-digit number, and this is the width of your tire in millimeters.

After the width number will be a slash and after the slash is the aspect ratio of the tire, which measures the height of the tire’s cross section to the width. Next up, you should see an R, indicating that it is a radial tire. The number that comes after the R is the diameter of the wheel on which the tire is mounted.

Why Learn to Speak Tire?

Isn’t it a little bit more helpful when you walk into an unfamiliar environment and you know enough about it to get by? Well learning how to read your tire size gives you a leg up when you’re in the process of ordering new ones or if you’re in a bind and need something on the fly. This information is vital for properly outfitting your car.

However, it also gives you another piece of knowledge about your vehicle, which puts the power into your hands. The more you know about the vehicle you drive, the better your service will go. Basic tire information is one of those things you’re always going to use. You may never use a geometry proof in real life, but you’ll always need your proper tire size.

Tire Service

Car Tires

Unless your tire is compromised by a foreign object, you shouldn’t have to replace them too often. However, when you do need them, we’re here to help. You now have the information necessary to check with our tire center to see if we have your required tires in stock for a quick replacement job.

Having this information on hand before scheduling your appointment with us makes the jobs of our service professionals that much easier. It also makes your time spent waiting for your vehicle that much shorter as we’re better able to plan for the job.

Schedule on Your Own Time

Certainly, our service professionals can determine your tire size for you but knowing the information yourself and being able to provide it ahead of time makes things easier for everyone involved. At Pat Peck Nissan, we make it convenient to schedule a service appointment with us using our online system from the comfort of your home or office in Gulfport, Pascagoula, and Waveland.