Local Spotlight: Echo & Ben Artisan Decor


Echo & Ben Artisan Decor takes what is one man’s trash and turns it into treasure. They specialize in salvaging and construction furniture as well as other decor that adds more character to your home.

Next time you are looking to add a unique touch to your interior decor, you will want to take a look at the pieces Echo & Ben Artisan Decor has designed.

Crafting Unique Furniture

At Echo & Ben Artisan Decor, they look at all materials as useful when it comes to building furniture and home decor. They are able to take recycled wood and worn out furnishings and revitalize them into pieces that look brand new while still holding its original character. Any antique pieces they find and refurbish, they also make sure to maintain the history behind each piece.

You can also contact them about any special orders you have. If you have found a reclaimed piece you want them to restore or have a certain idea for wall art you want to hang in your house, they will be happy to accommodate whatever you are looking to get. This way, you can get a unique addition to your home that also matches your tastes as well as other designs in your house.

A Range of Handcrafted Items

When you shop on their website, you will see a large collection of furniture and other decorative pieces for your home. Among their array of furniture, you will find dressers for the bedroom ranging in various colors and designs. You can even find the one with a weathered look that will perfectly match the beachy theme you have within one of the bedrooms in your home.


If you need a new dining table, they have elegantly designed tables that the whole family will enjoy sitting around. Beyond the furniture, they also have various other items you can get that match your personal taste. They use reclaimed wood to create one-of-a-kind wall art that can hang in your bedroom, the kitchen, or family room.

You can even gain their expertise when it comes to interior decorating. They can advise what would work best in your home and how to make the most of the space in a particular room.

Browse Through Their Work

By shopping with Echo & Ben Artisan Decor, you will become your own personal interior designer and be able to furnish your home with some handcrafted furniture and other home decor. You can shop with them online or check out which local retailers in the Gulfport, Pascagoula, and Waveland areas carry their items.