Just like you count on your vehicle to get you to the places you want to go, your vehicle counts on you to take care of it so it can do its job. That’s why oil changes are such an integral part of car ownership. When you’re in need of an “oil change near me” in the Gulfport, Pascagoula, or Waveland areas, you can count on Pat Peck Nissan to be there to help.

On this page, you’ll find all the information you need about oil changes. Additionally, you’ll get to learn a little more about us and what else we’re happy to do for you at our dealership and service center.

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Our Gulfport MS Oil Changes

Oil Change Service

When it comes time to get your oil changed, our factory-trained service technicians will be ready and eager to get the job done and done right. Not only that, but you can expect to save much more than just time with our oil change specials. Check on our website for our most current offers!

You will also know your vehicle is getting the care it deserves when serviced at our dealership. Our technicians will make sure the right type of oil is added to your engine each time you bring your vehicle by for an oil change. They also can check the other systems of your car to make sure everything is operating smoothly.

Have something a bit more urgent going on, oil related or otherwise? No problem! Our service center is proud to offer 24-hour on-demand roadside assistance. Just give us a call and we’ll be there in no time.

Schedule an Oil Change on Your Time

We also make it easy for you to schedule an oil change when you are due for one. You can book an appointment right online in just a few minutes or by giving us a call at our service center.

We also have a range of times you can come get your oil changed. We want to make it convenient for you to get this essential auto service done while still staying on schedule for all the other appointments and plans you have throughout the day.

This is why we have hours that stretch from early mornings to evenings and even offer auto service on the weekend. This way, you can choose to stop by on your way to work in the morning, later in the afternoon when you have some free time, or first thing on a Saturday.

Knowing When to Get an Oil Change

Oil Check

It is also important to know exactly when to have the oil in your engine changed. Each car is a little different when it comes to the timing of an oil change, so here are some factors to consider when deciding how often to have your oil changed.

  • Does your engine take conventional or synthetic oil?
  • What are your normal driving conditions?
  • What type of vehicle do you drive?

All of these answers will play a part in how frequently you will need to schedule an oil change.

Checking Your Engine Oil

The best place to start when it comes to figuring out when you’ll need to schedule your next oil change is your owner’s manual. In there, you will see a specific mileage interval for oil changes.

You can also check your engine oil to gauge its condition. This is something that takes just a few minutes to do and can be done any time you are filling up your gas or right in your driveway. Just locate the dipstick and see what kind of levels and color the oil is.

If you find that the oil level is low or the oil itself is a darker color, you can bring your vehicle on by to our service center to have the oil flushed and changed at your earliest convenience. Each time you bring your car by for any other routine service, you can ask our technicians to check the engine oil and they will be happy to do so. That way, you’ll know exactly if or when it needs to be changed.

We Take Care of You, Too!

Oil Mechanic

Not only is your vehicle in good hands when you bring it in to our service center, but so are you! Our technicians will work quickly and efficiently to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

While you wait, we take care of you by offering complimentary water, coffee, snacks, HDTVs, and Wi-Fi. We know how important staying on schedule is to our customers. That’s why we also provide our service center customers with a work station and play area right in our waiting room.

Need to get somewhere while your vehicle is being worked on? Take advantage of our courtesy shuttle. We’ll take you wherever you need to go.

The Importance of an Oil Change

The oil in your engine plays a huge part in the performance of your vehicle. Fresh oil does an excellent job of keeping parts lubricated in your engine. This lets them easily move about without damaging one another or using up too much energy.

This ultimately keeps the engine safe since it keeps the temperature down and prevents more severe damage from happening. Clean oil also helps maximize the efficiency of your vehicle. Over time, though, debris gets into the oil and makes it less effective at keeping everything lubricated. To keep that same level of efficiency and protection inside the engine, we change the oil once it becomes dirty and levels become low.

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Are you ready to get an oil change near me? Drivers in Gulfport, Pascagoula, or Waveland can schedule an oil change today or learn more about oil changes through our helpful resources.

Give us a call today at Pat Peck Nissan and we’d be happy to schedule an appointment for you! You can also schedule a service appointment through our website if that’s more convenient for you.

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