Signs You Need an Oil Change

Oil Change

Maintenance is key to helping you get the most miles out of your car. At Pat Peck Nissan we take pride in being able to help drivers in Gulfport, Pascagoula, and Waveland with maintenance jobs like an oil change.

But how do you know when you need one? What are some signs you need an oil change?

Warning Signs

Engine Oil Warning Light

Your vehicle gives you several signs that it needs maintenance. Most cars on the road today have an engine oil warning light on their dashboard. This usually looks like an old oil can with a single drop coming out of it.

If your car does not have one of these, don’t worry. It can still tell you when you need maintenance. Listen to your engine to see if it sounds a lot louder than usual. Another way to tell is if you feel your car vibrating while you’re sitting in the driver’s seat. Both of these are signs that your engine is working harder and needs new oil.

If you don’t want to wait for your engine to roar or your steering wheel to start shaking, you can check under the hood. Find the dipstick and pull it out. Here you’ll be able to see if you’re low on oil.

You should also check the color and consistency. When oil is new it pours easily and has a yellow amber color. After it’s older and been through a few thousand miles, it turns into a thick, dark sludge.

Why Do You Need an Oil Change?

Every time you drive, your engine is hard at work. There are lots of moving parts under your hood to help your car do everything from idle to carry you on a long road trip.

When machine parts are constantly in motion, they build up a lot of heat. If they’re not properly lubricated that heat can cause friction between the parts and eventually lead to them breaking down.

This is where oil comes in. It acts as a way to lubricate your parts and cool them down to prevent your engine from overheating.

Like any part or fluid though, eventually it will wear down. Once the oil has been at work for a few months and a few thousand miles, your car will need a fresh supply to keep it running with peak performance.

When Do You Need an Oil Change?

Oil Change

How often you need an oil change depends on if your vehicle takes conventional or synthetic oil.

Some general guidelines are that with conventional you’ll need one every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, or every three months. Synthetic was engineered to last longer and is typically good for 6,000 to 7,500 miles, or about six months.

However, every vehicle is different, and these guidelines can vary. The best thing to do is check your owner’s manual for your recommended maintenance schedule.

Nissan Service Center

When your vehicle needs an oil change, or any kind of maintenance or service, visit our service center at Pat Peck Nissan. Our team of highly trained technicians are happy to help drivers in Gulfport, Pascagoula, and Waveland get back on the road quickly and in top shape.

For more information on signs you need an oil change, or any other service questions you have, contact us or schedule service online.