Signs You Need Your Brakes Replaced

Brake Replacement near Gulfport MS

You love your car, and want to keep it running in the best possible condition for years. And a big part of that involves making sure all your systems are running smoothly-particularly your brakes. But how can you be sure it’s time to head to your local service center and get your brakes replaced?

We spoke with our expert technicians at Pat Peck Nissan to find the most common signs you need your brakes replaced, so you know exactly what to look for! Whether you’re from Gulfport, Pascagoula, or Waveland, you’ll want to know this important information, so read on!

Brake Light On

Brake Warning Dashboard Light

It’s one of the clearest signs that something is amiss with your brakes: You disengage your parking brake, only to see the brake light is still illuminated on your dash. This could mean your brakes need to be replaced, or could be a sign that there’s some sort of mechanical error with your vehicle. Whatever it is, it’s best to contact your mechanic and get things sorted, so you can get back on the road, and on with your busy life.

Leaking Fluid

The next time you take your car out for a spin, check the ground underneath it. Do you detect a puddle of fluid? It may be motor oil, but there’s also a chance it could be something else. It could be brake fluid, which is something that needs to be dealt with immediately. If you notice fluid under your vehicle in addition to other signs you need your brakes replaced, contact your mechanic as soon as possible.

Unusual Noises

Is your normally quiet car running more loudly than usual? If you’ve been hearing squealing or squeaking noises while you drive, odds are the brakes are the culprit. This is usually one of the first signs that your brakes need to be replaced, so if you’re regularly hearing a lot of noise from your brakes, it’s time to schedule an appointment with your service center.

Slow Response Time

Pushing Brake Pedal

If you’ve noticed that your brakes are operating more slowly than usual, or that you have to step down hard on the pedal to get a response, don’t hesitate to contact your mechanic. There’s a good chance that you could have a leak in your braking system, and that’s something you want dealt with immediately. Your local service center should be able to help determine the cause for concern, so contact them today.

Vehicle Pulling

When you’re driving down the road, does your car feel like it’s trying to head to the right or left when you step on the brakes? If it suddenly feels like your car is drifting and pulling, it could be a sign that your brakes need replacing. Sometimes all that’s needed is a brake adjustment, or draining and replacing the fluid, and your car will be good to go!

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