Why Is My Car Leaking Oil?

Replacing Engine Oil

Lots of drivers have pulled out of their garage and seen spots on the ground where the car was parked. Usually, this is a clear sign of your car leaking engine oil. So, why is my car leaking oil? And what causes it?

To help drivers in Gulfport, Pascagoula, and Waveland understand why your car is losing oil, Pat Peck Nissan created this guide about the most common causes of leaking oil. The most common sources of an oil leak are:

  • Too much oil
  • Old oil filter
  • Loose or cracked gasket
  • Damaged or loose oil cap
  • Damaged oil pan
  • Damaged oil drain plug
This guide will examine each of these causes of leaking oil and will explore whether it’s safe to keep driving while you’re leaking oil. Check it out below!

Common Causes of Oil Leaking

Draining Engine Oil

There are several things that can cause your car to start leaking oil. Some are quick fixes, while others may require extensive service. Fortunately, a trained technician will be able to locate the source of the leak and patch it up. Some of the most common sources of an oil leak include:

  • Too Much Oil: If you’ve recently added engine oil and poured in too much, you’ll likely end up seeing the excess oil dripping down.
  • Old Oil Filter: Your oil filter helps the oil flow smoothly by filtering out small particles and debris. It should be replaced regularly when you go in for maintenance. If you have an old filter it may cause your oil to back up like a stopper in a tub. This can cause it to overflow and leak.
  • Loose or Cracked Gasket: Gaskets are used to seal parts of your engine together. If any of them are damaged or the seal is broken, you’ll see oil start to leak out of the engine block. This is one of the most common causes of leaks.
  • Damaged or Loose Oil Cap: New oil is poured into your engine through a filler compartment. Double check the cap to this compartment. If it’s damaged, missing, or loose, oil could spill out rather easily.
  • Damaged Oil Pan: The oil pan is underneath your car. If it sustains damage from driving over rocky terrain it may start to leak.
  • Oil Drain Plug: Along the same lines as your oil cap, if the drain plug to your oil pan is loose or damaged, it’ll be easy for oil to leak out. Fixing this may be as easy as tightening the plug or you may need to have a technician replace it with a new one.

Is It Safe to Drive with an Oil Leak?

Take Your Car in for Oil Service

Your car’s oil is an important part of helping your engine run properly. It lubricates all the moving parts inside and keeps them from overheating. Driving with old, overworked oil, or not enough oil, can cause problems for your engine.

So, if you notice that your engine oil is leaking, it’s a good idea to have a trained technician find the source and fix the leak for you.

Oil Service near Gulfport, Pascagoula, and Waveland

Visit Pat Peck Nissan for all your engine oil needs. We have a service center with a team of highly trained technicians who can repair any oil leaks, as well as take care of your routine oil changes and replace your oil filter.

Schedule service with us online if you’ve noticed that your vehicle is leaking or you’re due for an oil change. To learn more about what’s causing your car to leak oil and why, contact us or visit our service center.